Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Saga of Viera Chapter 1 Stage 14 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had a serious conversation with Alexei. He is the Cardinal. He did not reveal the details to you but found out that you are the person pretending to be the Holy Maiden. A person whose intelligence is not to be underestimated. Despite all that, you could choose what to say. One answer was positive for you, he believed you. True is the best thing for the soul. The second answer took you to a completely different end of life. For now, the truth is the best thing you can say. Only real people accept honest people without bad consequences. He will keep your secret but you will have to listen to him in the future. It’s all up to you. The unfolding is approaching. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 14.

To make up for the differences between Olga and yourself, the Cardinal spends several days giving you special etiquette lessons. You also learn about the Elven Queen, Bethrynna, from him. Bethrynna is unlike ordinary elves. You will not be able to hide your deception from her. Today is the day to meet the Queen. You hope you do not make a fool of yourself. You are accompanying the Cardinal to meet the Elf Queen. You must dress Formal and Gentle to leave a good impression on her.

After changing, you take a deep breath and prepare to leave. Emilio, however, appears suddenly on the balcony. When he first sees you, he freezes but then bursts into a wide smile.

You choke a little, wondering if there is any truth in his compliment. But upon seeing him smile with unmistakable sincerity, you decide to let it go. You follow Emilio, chatting casually with him as you walk toward the sanctuary. It does not take long before you reach the magnificent building. The Cardinal is waiting at the door. When Emilio enters the sanctuary to alert the queen, he takes the chance to step towards you.

Your new duties are that you must hear the Oracle and guide humankind according to its instructions. Alexei nods in satisfaction. But when he looks at you again, he frowns slightly and becomes very serious. He says that since you have assumed these duties, you must speak truthfully of the Church’s recent situation when you meet the Queen.

Before you can ask, Emilio steps back outside and invites you to enter. The Cardinal gives you a meaningful look and gestures for you to follow. You suddenly remember what he said a few days ago, about ‘’the Church’s requests’’.

You are deep in thought when suddenly Emilio’s voice sounds by your ear. You are not nervous. Emilio interrupts you and looks at you with a grin, revealing a mouthful of white teeth. The sanctuary’s decorations are sacred and solemn. Entering, one can’t help but stand straighter. On either side of the throne stand guards who look about Emilio’s age, though their expressions are much more serious. And there sits the Elven Queen on her throne, smiling at you.

The Cardinal steps forward to greet the Queen. You follow his lead closely, to make sure you don’t’ make a single faux pas. The Queen is smiling faintly. You can feel her gaze on you the entire time. You sheepishly lower your head and wait apprehensively for the Queen’s reaction.

You look up uneasily and see her beckoning you closer, her gaze surprisingly gentle. Under such a gaze, your apprehension faces a great deal, and you walk confidently up to the Queen. The Queen takes your hand. Her light green eyes seem to see right through you, leaving no place for your secrets to hide.

You will be polite. You will say that the elves here are very friendly to you. You like her land very much. Thanks to the God of Light’s guidance, your life on Lena is good. But still, the world is full of suffering. You have come to seek a solution. It is your only wish for coming here. The Cardinal nods, seeming quite satisfied with your performance.

Bethrynna says that although she can’t provide you the help you wish for, she can give you her blessing. You bow your head slightly and kneel before her. The Elven Queen rises from her throne. Her silhouette is gilded in light. There is power in that flowing light. You sense everything around you soften.

Bethrynna says that she sees the flames of a dragon and hears the wails of living beings. It is a scene from the Great War. She can see on you a mark of blood red. This mark has passed down your bloodline. It is a badge of honor, but also a gaze of darkness. She does not prophesize, for all prophecies are meaningless. Fate always grants living beings a choice. Thus, she blesses you.

You feel no different about being blessed. You don’t even realize it has ended. When the Elven Queen lifts you up, you are still dazed.

Politely you step aside, turning over her words in your mind. Perhaps the Queen is hinting at something to you. At this time, the Cardinal is summoned forth by the Queen. Alexei gives you an emotionless glance as he passes by. You can’t tell what he’s thinking.

After all, he never told you exactly what he wanted you to say. Alexei says that you are grateful for Her Majesty’s blessing. The Church will use this opportunity to weather the crisis. He adds that recently a great number of heretical beliefs have emerged in West Viera. The people’s faith has weakened. If this continues, the Church will be impacted. You require the gods to send you an Oracle that will allow you to guide the people well. If the gods are merciful and send you a miracle, then you believe those heresies will fade.

A smile appears on the Elf Queen’s face. In it, you think you see a touch of helplessness. Bethrynna says that someone who reveres nature knows everything has a beginning and an end. It’s an irreversible process. One cannot force others to believe. You imagine the God of Light will not interfere in this matter, either. The Cardinal will neither presume nor speculate on the will of the gods, but already the position of the Church in West Viera has faltered.

The Cardinal becomes somewhat impatient. The Queen’s refusal has flustered him. Bethrynna doesn’t agree. She says that the wheel of fate has its own trajectory, and no one can change its direction. Greed will afflict the soul with many ills. Surely His Excellency has heard this before. The Elf Queen interrupts the Cardinal. Her face becomes even more grave. The Cardinal says nothing, but his clenched jaw reveals his disquiet.

Based on her reaction, the Elven Queen must have figured something out. Alexei says that he has nothing to say, but he believes the God of Light will make the correct decision. The Cardinal’s tone is full of displeasure, though it remains superficially cordial. He turns and, without paying your mind, departs, leaving you alone there. Awkward and embarrassed, you bid farewell to the queen. Smiling, she watches you leave as well. Emilio is still standing guard at the entrance. He greets you as you emerge.

You nod and tell him what happened. Though naturally, you don’t mention the strange conversation between the Cardinal and the queen.

You will say that there was no special physical sensation. But you took to her heart every word Her Majesty said. Emilio is silent for a moment. The smile on his face turns somewhat mysterious. He says that Her Majesty possesses a great capacity for precognition. Every word she says may be a declaration. On the day Emilio came of age, Her Majesty also gave you a blessing. It was extraordinarily difficult to understand. But after having certain experiences, Emilio realized this is what Her Majesty’s blessing meant.

It was not too long. According to Emilio, maybe 30 years. That is a joke because they do not measure time as humans. Actually, it took him decades to understand his blessing. But he thinks that you are highly intelligent. It should not take so long for you. He says that Her Majesty does not give blessings thoughtlessly. Cherish yours.

Of course not. At least the first two Olgas were not. Her Majesty must have told you because she found Olga III smart and quick-witted enough to understand hers. However, Emilio is the youngest captain of the guards in the history of Aurtethel, after all. He sticks out his tongue, and his pace quickens. Seeing his fading silhouette, you smile and shake your head. Then you follow him, head bowed in thought.

You will need to look into it. After all, the blessing of the Elven Queen may be the key to breaking your curse. It is something that remained uncertain at only 5 stages before the end of this book of ours. Time is running out and nothing concrete is happening. That means we will get the outcome soon. Don’t despair, life has to fight to the end because problems are there to keep us alive and in focus. Follow our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.