Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Saga of Viera Chapter 1 Stage 10 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had a conversation with Reuel. A very powerful and mysterious Elf who deals with extremely important things in the East Viera. We spent some time together in the library. You have determined that you need help with books because they are written in the Elvish language. To continue your campaign to undo the curse, you must seek help from someone from the East Viera. That way you will be able to live longer than 25. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 10.

Stage 10 starts with someone wishing you a happy birthday. In the darkness, you shudder. You know no matter how much you resist, that day will eventually come. Suddenly, you feel yourself being pulled by something. The next thing you know, you are in a warm embrace.

The warm embrace and the soft voice in your dream make your heart beat a little faster. But along with it came a moment of unexplained frustration. If only that dream would be real. You have to change your clothes. Dress lightly for the meeting with the high priest at the library. A good choice would be something that is both Noble and Elegant.

After changing, you run all the way to the library. The guard standing outside tells you the High Priest is here. You readjust your clothes, then push open the finely carved, heavy, mysterious door.

Reuel does not notice your arrival. He is holding a book and leaning casually against the window. The sunlight illuminates the side of his face. You walk slowly down the steps. The light on Reuel’s face entrances you. It’s as if he’s returned to his youthful appearance in the painting. The High Priest’s features look to have softened. With this appearance, he doesn’t seem so unapproachable. Your footsteps unconsciously lighten. Finally, you descend the final step and stand before him.

At the sound of your light cough, Reuel looks up. Perhaps he was too focused on his book, but his eyes are hazy. Take your time to look around. If there is anything you wish to know, Reuel insists that you have to ask him. With that, Reuel returns to the book in his hand. You have Reuel’s permission to access every part of this enormous library. Even though it is your second time here, you are still amazed by the sight of so many books. But despite how many books there are, they are all very neatly arranged. If you are right, the books here should be grouped by topic, just like libraries in the human world. (You should locate books on magic first and narrow down the search. )

With this in mind, you select a book and page through it. Although you can’t read the text, the illustrations give you an idea of its content. You will see some familiar details about a specific book. Maybe you walked directly into the magic section of the library without even realizing it. You set the book in your hand on the floor for the moment, pull another book from the same shelf, and look at its illustrations.

You are a genius at reading illustrations. Now you just need Reuel’s confirmation. Excited about your question about the magic books, you race to Reuel with the two books in your hands and look at him expectantly. Reuel lifts his head with some puzzlement. He glances at the covers of the books in your hands, and instantly, his expression turns odd and delicate.

It teaches elves how to cook. You are dumbstruck. You can feel the heat of an embarrassed blush rising to your face.

Everything you saw in this book is about culinary instruction. The image of a person spitting fire is that image simply indicates the recipe is extremely spicy, and elves who cannot handle spice must be cautious.

Other books you asked about containing the hymns of Aurethel, the oldest of which dates back thousands of years. You will remember that before you set sail, the Cardinal chanted a verse. Each time the human delegation travels to Aurethel, the Cardinal chants the verse. It is a tradition that has endured for centuries. You nod with pretend thoughtfulness. Then walk slowly through the rows of bookshelves, casually looking at these beautiful books. Although there is a large collection of books here, each book is categorized and arranged neatly.

Follow Reuel. He leads you through rows of bookshelves, and he gives you an overview of the types of books in each area. You nod along with feigned interest, while your heart fills with anxiety. Finally, after showing all sorts of books, he brings you to stop before another set of bookshelves.

Since you desire to find books on magic, this is an opportunity to get interested. You will say that you have always been interested in magic. It’s such beautiful, wondrous art. If you only could learn magic, what a proud moment that would be. As you say this, you flick through a book, musing over how to further narrow down your search area.

Although you had no intention of learning magic, Reuel’s words make you freeze and turn your head toward him. When the gods created the world, he gave each species different talents, as well as different weaknesses. The gods did not give humans the ability to cast spells. Even if one of you learned a spell, it will not produce any magic.

You wonder what magic does this book teaches. You point to a book and, pretending curiosity, ask Reuel. Healing magic. Even a life-threatening wound can be healed by this. The next book teaches the basics of elven blessings. These books seem to all be about white magic.

Reuel says that elven magic consists of mainly healing and blessings. There are also a few elves who practice illusion magic. Reuel does not believe there exists a creature who would wish to undo elven magic. After all, being the recipient of elven magic is a blessing.

Reuel’s reaction is not at all what you expected. He comes towards you, his frown tight and gaze so sharp he seems to want to cut you open. It is beyond his understanding that you can’t read Elvish, but you are interested in Aurethel’s collection of books.

When he is met with your silence, Reuel’s face grows more thunderous. You have never seen such an expression on his face. What should you do? Option 1 (Make up a reason) or Option 2 (Tell him the truth).

Make up a reason
Tell him the truth

If you select Option 1 (Make up a reason), you will think of an excuse to put him off. Reuel’s powerful presence frightens you. His almost cruel expression makes your mind freeze in panic. Though you strain yourself, your brain remains blank. For the first time, you fully understand the meaning of the term ‘’paralyzing anxiety’’.

When Reuel raises his voice, your body involuntarily shudders. But it also snaps you out of your trance. You calm down enough to think and decide take to take advantage of this situation.

You say that humans are far weaker than elves. As Reuel said, humans cannot cast spells, so they can hardly use them. You tip your head to the side, trying to look as aggrieved as possible, and watch Reuel’s reaction out of the corner of your eye. Reuel is still frowning, but he no longer seems so menacing, nor so aggressive. You say that you are simply worried that if dark forces rise again, humanity will be unable to protect itself. After all, humans and elves live on two separate continents. If worst comes to worst, you can’t bear to imagine. As you say this, you hide your face and pretend to sob. You silently pray that Reuel will believe your words.

After few religious words from Reuel, through your fingers, you notice Reuel’s usual expression has returned. You pull out your silken scarf and pretend to wise away your tears. When you look at him again, you give a small smile.

It is getting late, you will leave. You bid a High Priest farewell, then drag your exhausted body back to your room. Reuel’s final words remain on your mind. You pace back and forth, mulling over them again and again.

If that is true, you have to access it. The fog that had dispersed before is closing in on you again; you don’t know what you should do. You circle the room restlessly, again and again. Until suddenly, a dangerous thought leaps into your mind. You remember during Emilio’s tour of Aurethel, you saw the Sacred Tree from afar. Even from such a distance, the light of the Sacred Tree outshone the sunset. You still remember it now.

There was fruit hanging from the Sacred Tree. Each one emitted its own bright light. You wonder if you eat a sacred fruit, that you will break the curse. The thought rekindles your hope. You step onto the balcony. Eyes on the clouds dyed red by the sun. You kneel and pray, and wait for night to descend.

Your mood while you wait for the night is complicated. You both hope the night will come soon and hope it will never come at all. But time pays no heed to how you feel. It marches on regardless. Nighttime always comes, never early, never late. AS the last light fades from the sky, you arrive at the Sacred Tree. Though you have already made up your mind, you are still shaking with nerves.

You say to yourself that the gods will not punish you. You just want to live. And besides, you have no other choice. You encourage yourself and examine your surroundings. It is silent. Except for the rustling of the wind, there is not a single sound.

You look at the sacred fruit with your jaw clenched. Hardening your heart, you reach out your hand. But just as it brushes the sacred fruit, you feel something bite you. Clutching your wound, you look at the Sacred Tree in astonishment. You see a golden snake. It spits at you, its jewel-like eyes full of wariness. Then furious dizziness strikes you. Unable to stand, you collapse on the soft grass. In your daze, you see this golden snake slither up the branch, coil into a ball, and hide amongst the sacred fruits. And then you fall into endless darkness.

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If you select Option 2 (Tell him the truth), Reuel’s goodwill goes up. You will say that you are following no one’s orders. You came to the library to find a way to break a curse. Driven by a feeling you don’t understand, you tell Reuel about your curse.

And you are here to learn the truth of a curse and break it. With that, you lower your head, not daring to observe Reuel’s reaction. Reuel says nothing. The silence fills you with growing apprehension. You suddenly regret your decision.

You wonder if he is going to believe you or order you to leave East Viera. This is a stupid decision but you don’t want to leave him. You look up in amazement. You don’t know when, but at some point, Reuel regained his usual composure. Seeing his apathetic expression, you feel a bit dazed. It’s as if that furious High Priest were someone else. As if these last few minutes occurred only in your imagination. 

Reuel can only make an educated guess. Perhaps an elven blessing can delay the onset of a curse. But to fully break it, you must know the curse’s origins, says Reuel. He will look into it for you. If he finds anything, he will let you know.

He says that there is no need to thank him. He says this is all part of the God of Light’s plan. You bid the High Priest farewell, then drag your exhausted body back to your room. Reuel’s words ignite your hope. You take a deep breath, fall into bed, and quickly drift into sleep.

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Your parting with Reuel ends stage 10. 8 more stages until the end of the Saga of Viera. The very title of the book shows that the main event is in the city of Viera. Does that mean the climax of this story of ours is happening here? Will you be able to remove the curse? Will Reuel help you in the end? Everything is so close and so far away. Don’t despair, there is still time. But you have to be careful. Follow our walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.