Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Saga of Viera Chapter 1 Stage 9 of Dress up Time Princess. In the previous stage, you had to meet Salvia, the Dark Elf. Salvia is an extremely dangerous person, but she did not come here to “greet” you for no reason. She wants to offer you a certain type of cooperation and in that way, you, like her, have some benefit. The proposal that you also had, will delight Salvia. She will not show it, but the suggestion is that you help her in her obligations. And she can help you with the removal of the curse. That way everyone wins. This is the beginning of your joint business. Read more about this business in the text we wrote for you. Walkthrough longs for your attention. Unlocks if you previously selected Pretend to comply in Stage 1-8 New Information. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 9.

You are running in the dark, trying to escape a pair of golden eyes. They are eyes like a rattlesnake’s, staring fixedly at its prey, death in its glare.

A figure emerges from the shadows. It is the owner of those golden eyes. The closer she comes, the more clearly you see her face. And the more clearly you see the cold glint of the dagger in her hand.

You wake to flail. You sit upon the bed, breathing heavily. Sunlight slants into the room, painting the ground in a warm light. You feel a surge of relief. It was a dream. Thank the gods, it was just a dream. It must have been what the Dark Elf told you, that made you sleep so restlessly. Thinking of the events of last night, you can only massage your temples.

You wonder how this will affect the world of people around you. You wonder who is Salvia. There are so many things you don’t understand. It distresses you. All you want is to break your curse and fulfill the Holy Maiden’s mission on Olga’s behalf. But now, not only do you have no idea how to break the curse, but you are also in danger of being murdered by the Dark Elves.

In frustration, you pull at your hair. Sitting upon the bed, you give a tired sigh. You don’t know how much time passes, but a breeze bearing the faint scent of flowers and sunshine blows in, and you feel somewhat better.

Since you have the time now, you may as well focus on breaking the curse. After all, that’s the most important thing. It’s said the elves are a wise race, so they must have some sort of library. Having decided, you leap out of bed and search for appropriate clothing. Clothing that facilitates movement is most suitable for finding books at the elves’ library. Such clothing typically makes one look Noble and Perky.

After changing clothes, although you walk proudly outdoor, you have no clue where you should go. If you want to find the library, you should ask the elves. But the Cardinal said that most elves speak only Elvish. If it’s discovered you don’t speak a word of their language, you will be doomed. There are so many possibilities. Just in your time of need, a familiar figure approaches you. What is he saying? How should you respond? Option 1 (Mimic him) or Option 2 (Smile in response).

Mimic him
Smile in response

If you select Option 1 (Mimic him), you will think that he must be greeting you. If you are right, that word he just said would mean ‘’hello’’. Then you should be able to simply repeat that word. Emilio appears to be in a good mood. He grins, revealing a mouthful of white teeth.

You will say that you are going on a walk. For Emilio, it is always nice to step outside for some fresh air. Not to mention, Aurethel is full of beautiful scenery. All this time, you have been in your room reading. You have not had the time to explore. Now, you finally have the chance to enjoy Aurethel’s truly beautiful sights.

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If you select Option 2 (Smile in response), you will have no idea what it was he said. You should be careful how you respond. You will just smile. It is impossible to go wrong with a smile. Standing your ground, you smile at him and nod. Emilio seems a little surprised by your presence. Luckily, he does not seem perturbed; on the contrary, he is smiling.

You will say that you are going on a walk. For Emilio, it is always nice to step outside for some fresh air. Not to mention, Aurethel is full of beautiful scenery. All this time, you have been in your room reading. You have not had the time to explore. Now, you finally have the chance to enjoy Aurethel’s truly beautiful sights.

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Very different. However, since there are still several days until the welcoming ceremony, you want to take this time to read some elven books. You have to ask Emilio for permission. Emilio says that they have a very large library, with tens of thousands of books. The elven civilization can be traced back to ancient times. A great deal of information has been preserved. Not only books about elves but there are also many books about humans and even some records of dragons and other races.

This is perfect. Since it has everything, then surely you will find some information about your curse.

It would be Emilio’s pleasure. With Emilio leading the way, you walk along the flower-lined roads. If your mind were not full of thoughts about finding a book to break your curse, you would be enjoying the roadside beauty.

Emilio has come to a stop in front of you, but you are too distracted to notice and walk right into him. He wonders if you are all right. You will say that you are fine but you clutch your nose and try to smile. The pain still makes tears well up in your eyes. Perhaps because you look so ridiculous, the captain of the guard can’t help laughing.

The High Priest is so cold, and it’s so difficult to make conversation with him. But it might look strange if you refuse Emilio. It’d be better to follow his lead. With this thought in mind, you quicken your pace, and soon you catch up to Reuel and fall in step with him.

Reuel says that he is walking to the library. He is going to consult some records. Emilio will play along. He says that you also wish to visit the library. He is trying to inform Reuel that you two should go together to the library. Before you can refuse, Reuel nods in assent.

Emilio waves to you and says goodbye, before suddenly vanishing like a gust of wind. And before you can fully comprehend the situation, you have been handed over to Reuel. It is a rather strange situation. But as long as you can get to the library, it is not a problem. You follow behind Reuel as you make your way. The utter silence of your walk unsettles you. But when Reuel pushes open the heavy door, all your concerns are swept away.

Although you had prepared yourself for it, you can’t help but marvel at the library’s size. Reuel says that you should feel free to browse. He nods to you, then walks directly to a shelf, selects a book, and begins reading intently. You wander through rows of bookshelves, your fingertips skimming over the beautifully bound books. Emilio was telling the truth. There are so many books here. And he said the collection covers all different subjects. Surely, you will find a way to lift the curse in here.

Thinking that you select a book at random and open it with some excitement. But what you see shocks you. It is Elvish text. You flip further into the book, seeking writing in the common language. Soon, you have flipped to the last page. Hopelessly, you find you can’t understand a single word in the entire book.

You have to keep looking. There must be something for you here. In a panic, you return the book to its place and pull out several more. Not a single one is in the common language.

The sudden voice startles you. Flustered, you look up as Reuel’s serious face comes into view. Reuel looks at you, his expression becoming more severe. At times like this, the worst thing to do is panic. Think of an excuse. You close your eyes and take a deep breath, forcing yourself to calm down.

They say elves are a wise race. You thought if you could learn something from their knowledge and experience. Perhaps you would be able to make things better for the less fortunate. At this, you glance quietly up at Reuel, whose face now seems a little less grim.

As for Elvish writing, you barely know it. You are a bit helpless in the face of these books. That you can’t achieve what you set out to do saddens you greatly. So saying, you hide your face and pretend to sob, secretly observing Reuel’s expression through your fingers. His usual expression returns, any emotion utterly invisible. After a while, Reuel stops looking at the time. Instead, he bends his head down to the book in his hand once more.

Although it is risky, you grit your teeth, press forward, and ask the suspicious High Priest. Reuel says that this is an even library. There are only books in Elvish. In disappointment, you stare at the books anxiously. You feel you have hit a dead end. Just then, an elven guard enters, talks to Reuel for a moment, and departs. Reuel places a leaf in his book and carefully puts it back before turning to look at you.

You will stop Reuel from leaving for a moment. You know that the books here are all in Elvish. If you wish to use this library, you will need the help of elves. Although Reuel is a bit icy, he nevertheless loves reading. He is the perfect candidate. You make your decision, put on your most earnest expression, and approach Reuel.

Reuel looks slightly puzzled, but after a moment’s hesitation, he nods.

Reuel gives you a nod and turns to leave. As you watch him depart, you wake up your mind. Bu tomorrow, you will definitely find something.

With these thoughts of yours, we end stage 9. Reuel is a mysterious person who does not show his emotions. You have to find a way to take the curse off. Tick tick tick. That is the sound of time running out. Follow our Walkthrough.
Thank you for reading.