Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Saga of Viera Chapter 1 Stage 13 of Dress up Time Princess. The previous stage was quite special to you. You met the Grand Elder. It’s the Elf at the top of the Dark Elves family. Many years of life, many life experiences, and many agreements made. She agreed to help you break the curse. All you have to do is do your part. Take a dagger and leave it in a certain place. The Sacred Tree is a special place near the Light Elves. That’s what worries you the most. If you can do everything that is required of you, you will have the conditions to get help from the Dark Elves. You might even break the curse if the Grand Elder helps you. To help you, you need to gain trust. To gain trust, you have to do something for them. That’s for the dagger. Will you do it? It’s entirely up to you. Hit Start when you are ready to begin stage 13.

Entrusting one’s life to others is not pleasant. But it’s the only choice you have. In the days that follow, you don’t leave Aurethel again. You spend the time waiting in your room for information about the curse. You pray from morning to evening, hoping that the gods’ light will shine upon you. You do this until today when the Cardinal comes to see you.

Although Alexei lives just downstairs from you, he rarely sets foot on the second floor unless there is an important issue. He came to remind you to prepare for tomorrow’s welcoming ceremony. Tomorrow is the welcoming ceremony Emilio once mentioned. You have been focused on learning about the curse, that if the Cardinal had not reminded you, you would have forgotten.

The Cardinal nods. He deliberates for a moment, then brings up another topic. He says that ever since you have arrived in East Viera, you have not seemed your usual steady self. You must remember your role. You are the representative of humanity. Your every word and action must carry the dignity of the Holy Maiden.

Relief eases the Cardinal’s face. It seems your attitude has managed to satisfy him. Alexei says that there will be some elves coming to see you tomorrow. Remember to receive them calmly. The elves would speak to you in Elvish. But since you can’t speak Elvish, perhaps you should ask Alexei to teach you now.

You only need to know some simple greetings. Perhaps you only imagine it, but the Cardinal’s gaze seems to sharpen. You must make up something to dispel his doubts. You will say that your study of Elvish has lasted too short a time. You did not look at your notes during the voyage, either. So, you have forgotten a little.

Alexei says that when you have returned to West Viera, he will report this to the Patriarch. But that threat has no power over you. You think for the moment you are safe. Until then, he will teach you some phrases.

You will discuss your issue on your return journey. For now, pay attention to what he says. You imitate the Cardinal carefully, learning the pronunciation of common greetings. After a long night of practice, you memorize the phrases. With that done, you go to change your clothes for the ceremony. You can put on a Grand outfit to attend the prestigious welcoming ceremony. An Elegant style further enhances your Holy Maiden disguise.

Properly attired, you arrive on the ground floor just in time to meet Emilio, who has come to escort you. After complimenting your appearance, he leads you toward the ceremony. Unlike humans, elves always hold their ceremonies in the afternoon. Even before you reach the plaza, you can hear music carried on the wind. It’s the sound of many instruments (harps, bagpipes, bell drums) mingled together, the very sound of the elven race. So much clarity, nature, and peace, because it’s for banquet, there’s not so much peace. The joyful atmosphere is infectious, and you begin walking faster to match.  

You arrive in time to see glorious daytime fireworks. The last of its magic sparks float into the crowd. Then they all land upon you. Simultaneously, the elves warmly welcome the bishop and you with cheers and whistles. This is how the welcome celebration begins. Some elves are already dancing, others feasting at the table. But many elves gather around you, curious but in an orderly fashion. The Cardinal’s face remains expressionless. Very quickly the leaves lose interest in him and all turn to you. A very young-looking elf boldly greets you.

Like opening floodgates, more and more elves begin speaking to you. You Male Elf sends greetings. He is saying ‘’welcome’’, so you should say ‘’Thank you’’.

He is asking you your name. You will say your name is Olga. You smile and nod at her, and she grins at you. Then she begins to speak to her companions in gibberish. You can’t understand a word of it. You can only smile and nod awkwardly. The curious elves gradually disperse. Afterward, Emilio approaches you.

You are very pleased. Everyone was so very warm. Aside from not understanding some of the Elvish, it was all wonderful. Before you can finish, Emilio has run off. You can only stay and wait for his return. The Cardinal approaches, seemingly wanting to say something. But Emilio returns quickly, so you must first listen to his ‘’translation’’.

Of course, some called you a bit silly, because your Elvish is elementary. Prior Holy Maidens spoke quite a good Elvish. If you had received a Holy Maiden’s education, you would be just as good. Emilio says that the last thing was, some of the young ones wondered why their ears are different from theirs.

That is right. It is one of their distinguishing features. But you don’t think that is right. There’s at least one elf who does not have pointed ears. Someone in the distance suddenly calls for Emilio. He smiles at you and takes his leave. You don’t get to ask any of your questions.

You turn your head without thinking about it and find the Cardinal is only a step away from you. The Cardinal’s face doesn’t reveal anything. He merely informs you it is almost time to return to the treehouse. You watch his expression carefully, but you can’t tell what he’s thinking. You follow him back to the treehouse in silence. The entire way, neither of you says a word. Once you reach the treehouse, you climb to the second floor, but this time he follows you. The Cardinal touches the holy relic he wears around his neck, then stares at you solemnly.

Alexei does not ask it as a question. He is no longer merely suspicious of you. He is already convinced you are an impostor. You are so stunned your mind has gone blank. You are frozen in place. But instinctively you offer one last resistance.

Alexei says that both your shallow learning and your behavior are far too different from Olga. The Cardinal ignores your arguments and immediately goes for the jugular. Knowing you can’t conceal it any longer, you kneel and tell him who you are.

You bow your head in fear, trembling as you await the Cardinal’s judgment. Instead, he asks your purpose in East Viera. You have no choice but to explain yourself. Option 1 (Make up a reason) or Option 2 (Tell the truth).

Make up a reason
Tell the truth

If you select Option 1 (Make up a reason), you will say that you did it for your poor sister. Your parents died when you were young. Your sister is the only family you have left. She is a very kind person, but she suffers from a serious disease. You have already traveled the world seeking out doctors, but none can do anything for her. You say that you had no other choice. You had to pretend to be Olga and seek the help of the elves.

You will say that Olga knew about this, but she did not help you. You will say that Olga is fine but you had no other choice. You truly had no other choice. You didn’t want to do this, but you must save your sister. You crawl forward on your knees and prostrate yourself at the Cardinal’s feet, begging his forgiveness.

Alexei says that you are charged with the duty of hearing the Oracle and guiding humankind. You are a selfish, self-serving woman, according to Alexei. And you have ruined everything. He says that the gods will banish you. You will never reach the afterlife. The Cardinal becomes more and more agitated. He refuses to listen to your explanations and ignores your pleas. He leaves in a rage and then reveals to the elves that you are a false Maiden. And so, you are imprisoned in a tall, tall treehouse. No one speaks to you. Occasionally, water and food are sent to the room, but nothing more. You lose all track of time, until one day, some elves suddenly take you away. They tie you up and throw you into the cabin to return home. In the darkness, you lurch with the ship, and the blood-red mark on your wrist makes you understand that you will never have another chance to lift the curse.

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If you select Option 2 (Tell the truth, to select tell the truth, you will need to previously choose to Seek the help of the Holy Maiden in Stage 1-3 Holy Maiden’s Attendant. You will tell the Cardinal you are cursed. At first, he says nothing. Then he speaks in a low voice.

You will ask the Cardinal not to blame her because you tricked her into it. Punishment is not enough. Alexei says that you came to East Viera with the duty of hearing the Oracle and guiding humankind.

Your curse and the Holy Maiden’s duty are your mission here. The Cardinal is silent for a long time. You wait for his pronouncement, full of anticipation. At this point, there is no other way, says Alexei.

But from now on, you must speak and act entirely according to his instruction. You will follow every command. Soon it will be tie to meet with the Elven Queen. Your Church has some requests to make. You must ensure that they are met.

You will know about that in due time. For now, you need only know these requests will help reverse the decline of your faith. Order is collapsing, morality is twisting, money is king, and faith is dying. This is the state of your time. That is why you have come to hear the Oracle. You will correct these flaws.

Sooner or later, says the Cardinal, the beliefs of the ignorant will be affected by these social changes, and you will have to do battle with the forces That threaten faith. The elves are your best allies and the Oracle humankind’s most trusted guide. For some reason, the Cardinal speaking now no longer seems the same grave, serious Cardinal you are used to. You begin to think your time as a Holy Maiden has not been used so simply after all.

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You need to rest now because tomorrow is a big day. You bid a farewell for now. Except for the clue about your curse, the future before you are again unclear. The hand of fate set you on your current path. Now you can only lowly feel your way out and inch slowly forward. These thoughts end stage 13. It doesn’t matter when another person finds out your secret. If that person is the Cardinal, then it certainly doesn’t matter. If Alexei is a person you trust, you will do very well. If not, pray to the gods to get a nice ending. Follow our walkthrough and find out if Zoya will manage to break the curse that has destroyed her family for generations. Thank you for reading.